How to Find Best Deal in Property near metro station

Delhi, the bustling capital of India, offers a wide array of housing options for individuals and families. With the city’s rapid growth and the ever-increasing demand for quality housing, finding an affordable home near a metro station can be a challenging task. However, Arora Builders, a renowned name in the real estate industry, stands out as a reliable choice for those seeking affordable homes with excellent connectivity. This article explores effective strategies for finding affordable homes in Delhi near metro stations and explains why Arora Builders is the best option for prospective homebuyers.

Research and Identify Metro Corridors:
Delhi’s metro system is one of the most convenient modes of transportation, connecting different parts of the city seamlessly. To find an affordable home near a metro station, it is crucial to research and identify the metro corridors that suit your needs. Look for areas with upcoming metro stations or those that are well-connected to existing ones.

Consider Proximity to Metro Stations:
When searching for an affordable home near a metro station, proximity becomes a key factor. Living in close proximity to a metro station not only saves time but also offers easy access to other parts of the city. This convenience is particularly beneficial for individuals who commute frequently or rely on public transportation. Arora Builders specializes in developing housing projects strategically located near metro stations, ensuring residents enjoy hassle-free connectivity.

Assess Affordability and Amenities:
Affordability is a crucial aspect when looking for a home. Arora Builders understands the importance of providing homes that cater to various budgets. They offer a wide range of affordable housing options, including apartments, flats, and independent houses, designed to suit different requirements. Additionally, Arora Builders ensures that their projects provide essential amenities such as parks, community centers, security systems, and recreational facilities, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

Verify Reputation and Track Record:
When choosing a builder for your affordable home near a metro station, it is vital to verify their reputation and track record. Arora Builders has an excellent reputation in the real estate industry, backed by their years of experience and successful completion of numerous projects. They adhere to high construction standards, use quality materials, and prioritize customer satisfaction. Researching customer reviews and visiting their completed projects will provide valuable insights into their credibility and quality of construction.

Explore Financial Options:
Arora Builders understands that financing a home purchase can be a concern for many buyers. To alleviate this, they offer various financial options, including tie-ups with reputed banks and financial institutions. These partnerships facilitate easy home loan approvals and offer competitive interest rates, making the home-buying process more accessible and affordable.

7 Steps to Check Home Loan Availability in Delhi Properties Before Buying

Buying a home is a significant investment for most people, and it often involves taking out a home loan. If you’re looking to buy a property in Delhi and need a home loan, there are a few steps you can take to check for home loan availability.

  1. Check Your Credit Score: The first step to take when applying for a home loan is to check your credit score. A good credit score will increase your chances of getting approved for a home loan. You can check your credit score for free through various credit bureaus in India.
  2. Research Lenders: Once you know your credit score, research different lenders that offer home loans in Delhi. You can compare their interest rates, loan amounts, and repayment terms to find the best option for you.
  3. Calculate Your Eligibility: Most lenders have an online eligibility calculator that you can use to determine how much you can borrow. You’ll need to input your income, expenses, and other financial details to get an estimate of how much you can borrow.
  4. Check Property Documents: Before buying any property in Delhi, you should check the property documents to ensure that the property is legal and free of any disputes or litigation. Banks and other lenders will require all property documents to be in order before approving a home loan.
  5. Get a Pre-Approval: Once you’ve found a lender and property you’re interested in, you can apply for a pre-approval. This will give you an idea of how much you can borrow and what your interest rate will be.
  6. Get a No-Objection Certificate – Prior to obtaining a home loan, acquiring a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the seller is imperative. This certificate confirms the seller’s consent to sell the property and verifies that they haven’t used it as collateral for any other loan. The NOC holds significant importance as it safeguards the buyer against potential legal conflicts subsequent to the sale. It is advised to secure the NOC from the seller before concluding the transaction.
  7. Hire a Lawyer – It is essential to check the legal documents and verify them. so we will recommend you hire a good lawyer who can do your work. The lawyer can also check if there are any pending legal disputes on the property and verify the authenticity of the property documents.


Best gift for a new home in India. Purchasing a new home or relocating to a new location is a significant event that deserves gratitude and celebration. If you have a friend or family who has recently purchased a new home and is celebrating their huge success, here is your time to put a smile on their face with a thoughtful housewarming gift for their new home.

If you’re unsure what to gift for a new home, you may easily select from these housewarming gift ideas.

We are sharing some unique and practical housewarming gift ideas with you in this blog. But, before you spend your money, keep a few things in mind, such as your recipient’s taste, style, and budget. Our list of the finest housewarming gift ideas for a new house contains a variety of ideas at various price points.

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Best Gifts for a New Home in India 2023

1. Table Lamps that are aesthetically pleasing

Lamps are one of the most meaningful gifts you can offer to somebody. What better present than the gift of light? Lamps come in many unique and different forms and patterns, making them an even better choice.

2. Using Mason Jars as Pots

Mason jars are fashionable and best gift for a new home in India. Why not use these mason jars as planters for an indoor herb garden? They come in many different colors and sizes; select the one that best suits you.

3. Elegant Customized Towels

Why not offer a present that will be put to good use? Towels are one type of gift. But why limit yourself to the same old solid-colored towels? Towels with a name or poetry inscribed on them can be given as the best gift for a new home in India.


4. Give an Elegant Dinner Set as a Gift

Diner sets will never go out of style as a gift. Anyone who receives a dining set will be able to utilize it. There are also several alternatives for dining sets, which come in a variety of colors.

5. Money Plant – Symbol of Prosperity

Why not offer someone a plant that represents prosperity? This green plant not only conveys that you care, but it may also improve the appearance of your home. It is also simple to maintain.

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6. Gift of Stylish Photo Frames

When your mind is blank on what to give, a trendy photo frame is always a good option. You may get a single photo frame with a stunning design or a package of many photo frames.

7. A Wine Rack – (Best Gifts for a New Home in India)


A beautiful yet basic wine rack might be an excellent choice for the occasion of a housewarming. These wine racks are available in a variety of styles. Give this to wine lovers.

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8. Aesthetic Blankets Design – (Best Gifts for a New Home in India)


One of the great housewarming gift ideas is the blanket. They are handy, and the hosts will undoubtedly appreciate this present. You may acquire blankets with fantastic designs that will entice everyone.

9. Electric Kettle – (Best Gifts for a New Home in India)


When it comes to handy housewarming presents, how can you ignore the electric kettle? These electric kettles are available in a variety of colors. This will undoubtedly fit into your budget.

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10. Attractive Vase as a Gift

Vases are almost certainly on today’s list. They’re not going out of style. Vases of various designs are available. This is a popular choice among property purchasers. It will be appreciated by your host.

11. Bath Set as a Gift

Giving a bath set as a housewarming gift is a fantastic idea. They are extremely useful and reasonably priced, so you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. It contains shower gel, shampoo, and lotions.

12. Ceramic Bowl Sets as a Gift

You might give the hosts a stunning ceramic bowl set as a housewarming present. These are cute but stylish. Bowls of various sizes are available in a single set. This makes an excellent present.

13. Customized Home Ornaments

Customized ornaments as housewarming gifts. It might be a keychain or something else. You may have names, dates, or even quotations etched on them. It is an excellent choice for design and décor.

Final Thoughts – Best Gifts for a New Home in India 2023

We hope this list of fantastic housewarming gift ideas clears up any doubt about what to give. We’ve compiled a list of economic, functional, and aesthetically beautiful Griha Pravesh gift ideas for a new home. Choose one of the housewarmings presents on our list to make your loved one happy.

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Earthquake Resistant Buildings – Importance & Methods

Earthquake Resistant Buildings – Importance & Methods. Several elements influence a building’s capacity to resist earthquakes. They consist of construction, materials, and design. In addition, the construction process is critical in the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings. Find out more.

Buildings were built closer to the ground in the past. There was an opportunity to rush to open areas to avoid any harm. However, the contemporary high-rises are too close together. There is no other choice than to construct earthquake-resistant structures. After all, the construction must be strong enough to resist a natural calamity.

The mere mention of earthquakes makes no one feel secure. Indeed, earthquakes are one of nature’s most deadly forces. The ground’s seismic waves can quickly kill people. Furthermore, they ruin structures and require enormous sums of money to rebuild.

Architects and engineers are constantly on the lookout for innovative technology. There are numerous earthquake-resistant structural implementations. Let us learn more about constructing earthquake-resistant structures.

Earthquake Damaged Building

What are the consequences of earthquakes on buildings?

In this blog, we will learn about the characteristics of earthquake-resistant buildings. In addition, we will look at how to develop earthquake-resistant structures. But first, let’s look at how earthquakes affect Man-made structures. When an earthquake occurs, the energy released by the shaking force flows through the ground. The power expands in all directions at a rapid speed.

Buildings are built to resist vertical forces such as wind and rain. Unfortunately, they are unable to deal with side-to-side impacts such as those produced by earthquakes.

The vibration caused by horizontal waves impacts the building’s connections, beams, floors, walls, and columns. The construction put’s under a lot of stress as a result. It then causes the supporting frame to burst. Eventually, the structure crumbles. Buildings that can withstand earthquakes are essential.

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Why Buildings Collapse During an Earthquake

Here are some of the main causes of buildings collapsing during an earthquake.

  • Weak Foundation:

One of the main causes of buildings collapsing during an earthquake is a weak foundation. Due to the ground motions that earthquakes put on structures. Buildings that are not built to withstand lateral forces are more likely to collapse.

  • Soft Soil:

The lateral pressures produced by an earthquake can cause the ground to tremble and transform soft soil into a sand mound, reducing its capacity to sustain weight. Buildings made of such fragile materials are more likely to collapse after an earthquake.

  • Failure of Structure:

Soft-floor buildings are those with vast open areas and floor-to-floor heights. These structures are less stable and more likely to collapse after an earthquake because the interiors of these structures have low shear walls. The lowest levels of these structures often collapse while the top floors are unharmed.

Can We Built Earthquake Proof Buildings?

Buildings completely earthquake-resistant do not exist in the world. Engineers and archaeologists are continuously searching for something stronger than earth. Scientifically supported design procedures build on our understanding of earthquakes. This information has enabled us to construct earthquake-resistant structures. Earthquakes can be effectively managed by the aftermath of natural disasters when it comes to developing earthquake-resistant buildings.

How to Build Earthquake-Resistant Buildings?

Several elements influence a building’s capacity to resist earthquakes. They consist of construction, materials, and design. The construction method also plays a role in developing earthquake-resistant structures.

The different fundamental layouts of structures are constructed to withstand the power of an earthquake. Special materials and beams are used to construct these earthquake-resistant constructions. This is to absorb the earthquake’s shockwaves. The shockwaves of these quakes are absorbed by the materials and beams of earthquake-resistant structures. Furthermore, earthquakes generate waves that force buildings in the opposite direction.

There are the following ways to make earthquake-resistant buildings:

1. Build a Pliable Foundation: This is one method for making earthquake-resistant structures. If you wish to resist the earthquake’s shock waves, climb the building’s foundation above the ground. This is accomplished by a technique known as base isolation.

Base isolation is the technique of erecting earthquake-resistant structures on top of bendable pads. Furthermore, such pads are commonly constructed of rubber, steel, and lead. As a result, when the building’s foundation moves during an earthquake, the isolators beneath it do as well. Meanwhile, the building’s whole structure remains stable.

The approach works well for absorbing earthquake vibrations. It prevents them from going any further up the building. As a result, the buildings’ constructions are earthquake-resistant.

2. Reinforce the Structure of the Building: There is another approach to developing earthquake-resistant structures. It is done by fortifying their structures. To withstand collisions, structures must reorganize the energy that passes through them during earthquakes. Cross braces and shear walls can be used to construct earthquake-resistant structures. Moment-resisting frames and diaphragms are also useful for developing strength.

3. Shear Walls: Shear walls are an efficient construction technique. They can help in earthquake shockwave transmission. It is made of many panels. They assist the structure in maintaining its form during earthquakes. These walls are frequently supported by diagonal cross bracing. Also, steel is used to maintain tension and compression. This aids in the prevention of push forces and pressure.

4. Moment-Resisting Frames: Moment-resisting frames allow flexibility to the design of a structure. The structure is inserted between the construction joints. It also permits the beams and columns to flex. In the meanwhile, the joints stay inflexible. As a result, the structures can withstand earthquake shockwaves.

5. Diaphragms: Diaphragms are also the fundamental structural component. Place roofs, decks, and the building’s fool over the structure. It helps in the release of tension from the floor. It also helps in the removal of tension from the push forces to the vertical fabric of the structure.

6. Shield Buildings from Vibrations: Another method for developing earthquake-resistant structures is to channel seismic energy. The emphasis is not just on balancing the forces. Researchers are working to develop ways for structures to deflect and redirect energy from shockwaves.

The seismic invisibility cloak is a technique for building earthquake-resistant constructions. A cloak of 100 concrete rings and concentric plastic is used in the procedure. Then it is buried beneath the building’s foundation. Furthermore, the seismic invisibility cloak must be installed at least three feet beneath the foundation.

The cloak conceals is a unique concept. When the earthquake’s waves enter the rings, the ease of transit forces them to go through the outer rings. As a result, the waves would shift away from the structure. They will then disperse into the ground.

Our Opinion

Without a doubt, establishing an earthquake-resistant building is impossible. Recent scientific and technological advancements have occurred. As a result, some materials and designs can mitigate the consequences of natural calamities. One of the most important steps for such earthquake-resistant constructions is to have a strong and malleable base. There is one more critical consideration. It entails fortifying earthquake-resistant constructions using special materials and triangular designs.

Overall, having an earthquake-resistant structure in India is critical. Such constructions may provide you and your loved ones with total protection.


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RESIDENCE FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES. It’s a common practice to use a residential property for business purposes to increase rental income. Housing societies frequently forbid owners from utilizing residential flats for commercial purposes but are permitted to use a specific area. You must be careful of the restrictions and legal requirements.

Having an office space is the best approach for professionals to increase their business. However, you may utilize your residential property for commercial purposes only if your society’s management and zoning regulations allow it. It is worth noting that certain states have more permissive legislation that enables professionals such as physicians and attorneys to utilize up to 30% of their residential property for business activities.

Is there a law in India that governs the usage of residence for business purposes?

The Zoning Law in India, imposed by the local municipal government or authority, governs the use of land throughout cities. The usage of land in a certain region is defined by zoning regulations. The law attempts to divide residential areas from commercial areas to protect people from the detrimental effects of commercial activity while still facilitating the growth of business sectors.

What exactly does the law say?

According to the Act, services offered by resident advocates, attorneys, doctors, and accountants are among the permissible commercial activities in any residential area. If your state enables you to utilize a piece of your land for commercial purposes. Then, you must secure various licenses, including the agreement of the society and the local municipal office, depending on the nature of your business.

Keep in mind that having an office from home is a common practice- around the nation. However, a commercial operation that includes the transfer of products from residential properties is considered to be unlawful unless certain authorizations are secured.

According to Supreme Court. When a property is categorized as commercial, it is regarded as such for all reasons, including taxation. However, the following activities are not authorized within residential premises:

  • Banquet Hall
  • Any activity that includes the use of potentially dangerous or flammable chemicals.
  • Automobile repair shops
  • Construction supplies, alcohol, retail store, and junk food

In India, it is necessary to take permission from the municipal office to use a residential property for commercial purposes.

Important things to keep in mind

You should bear the following factors in mind before transforming a portion of your residence for business purposes.

  • Obtain a license for your store or establishment from the municipal authority.
  • If you apply, be sure about the area you require and the business you want to run.
  • Turning a residential property into a commercial property may result in higher property taxes. Depending on the region, size, and type of the company operation, the civic government would assess commercial rates on the property as well as water and power supplies.
  • Some enterprises do not require a government authorization certificate. Such as teaching, yoga, art, dancing, and tuition classes are often excluded from commercial costs. This implies you can run these enterprises without modifying the property.

Disobeying government restrictions and conducting commercial activity in residential zones without changing the property may result in significant legal issues, which vary by state. For example, in Noida, the penalty for conducting commercial operations from residential premises is one percent of the entire worth of the property, which is a sizable sum. As a result, before making any choice, always obtain legal counsel and take the necessary actions.


We can see how critical it is to obtain a license and all of the other approvals required to operate the residential property as a business property. Residential property utilized as commercial property is governed by legislation in India. The Zoning legislation governs how properties are zoned and what land uses are forbidden and permitted. Some activities, such as selling liquor, car items, machinery, lumber, and so on, are prohibited in residential neighborhoods under certain restrictions. If you want to utilize your home property for commercial purposes, you must get a license from the local government. You will also face penalties if you utilize the land for commercial purposes without a license.

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Checklist of Legal Documents for Buying a New Property

Checklist of Legal Documents for Buying a New Property. For many individuals, getting a new house is more than just a dream. The important thing is patience because looking for a property is a time-consuming task.

Different types of documents are needed, depending on the sort of property you want to purchase. This blog will help as a buyer’s guide for those, who are going through the home-buying process for the first time.

Checklist of Legal Documents for Buying a New Property

1. Agreement to Sell the Property – Legal Documents for Buying a New Property

This document is the first one made in advance of a property sale. This agreement specifies the conditions of the deal between the buyer and seller, including the purchase price and also the information regarding the property.

2. Sale Deed and Title Deed – Legal Documents for Buying a New Property

The Sale Deed and Title Deed, which provide proof of the sale and transfer of property from the builder to the individual, are crucial legal documents. Usually, years after purchasing a home, the owner may decide to sell the property for a reason, in which case this paperwork is crucial. The sale deed is often signed before the sale agreement and upon conformity to the terms and conditions outlined within as agreed upon by the parties.

3. Title Search and Report

Title Search and Report is an essential document that tracks property ownership. Banks typically request this paperwork when a buyer takes a loan against the property. While creating this document, an individual may seek assistance from local authorities.

4. A Khata Certificate – Legal Documents for Buying a New Property

A Khata is an official certificate that proves that the property was documented in the local municipal records and that the building was completed in compliance with the authorized designs. A revenue document that provides facts about the property, such as size, location, area that it is constructed on, and so on, to pay property taxes. It is necessary when applying for a mortgage and is also used as identification. The Khata Certificate is in the house purchase process since it is required to apply for electricity and water service. It is also required if you wish to transfer ownership in the future.

5. Property Tax Receipt

Property tax receipts prove that the previous owner or occupant paid all taxes. They also serve as actual proof for establishing the legal status of the property.

6. Occupancy Certificate  – Legal Documents for Buying a New Property

When a building is completed, the municipal corporation issues a completion certificate or occupancy certificate. The certificate certifies that the building was built according to the authorized plans and is ready for occupancy.

The building is considered unlawful if you purchase a home without a Completion Certificate and may result in a penalty or even eviction. If the builder fails to get a Completion Certificate, the buyer may visit the municipal corporation and request one.

7. NOC (No Objection Certificate) – Legal Documents for Buying a New Property

NOC (No Objection Certificate) is crucial to check that the project has received all the necessary certificates and requested copies from several departments, such as the Sewage Board, Pollution Board, Environment, Traffic, Coordination department, and so on.

8. Any Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney in its original form is necessary whenever somebody acts on behalf of a property owner. They may be a broad or narrow Power of Attorney.

9. Possession Certificate – Legal Documents for Buying a New Property

A possession certificate ensures the ownership of a property is effectively transferred from one owner to another. If you failed to do so, this may result in legal problems. As an informed buyer, you must obtain this certificate in your favor when purchasing a home.

10. Payment Receipts – Legal Documents for Buying a New Property

Request a copy of the receipts from the seller when purchasing a resale house. Get the original payment receipt from the developer when you buy a new property so you may take it to the bank.

Final Thoughts

  • If you are going to buy a new property then you should carefully review any documentation that proves the seller’s identity with Aadhaar, PAN, and other identifying documents including his passport and the legitimacy of the property.
  • To ensure the transaction is error-free and receive legal guidance, it would be great to hire a lawyer.
  • The property must be registered after the sale is complete and all other fees have been paid to the builder.
  • Even if all payments have been made to the builder, one does not have any legal rights to the property without registration.

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Unique Diwali Home Decoration Ideas- Muhurat, & Pujan 2022

Unique Diwali home decoration ideas 2022. Diwali is a celebration of lights. Hence magnificent Diwali light decorating and other decoration ideas for the house are required. We all know that traditional artifacts assist in beautifying the home, but we need to do more to stand out.

The utilization of brilliant colors may enhance Diwali decoration, whether it is self-owned or rented. But that’s not all; there are many other ways to improve your Diwali decorations. We’ve compiled an exclusive collection of ideas to help you spread some joy throughout your home. Let us be your partners in making this year’s festival even more memorable. Here are- 10 unique Diwali decoration ideas for your home to help you celebrate this season with joy and happiness.

Unique Diwali Home Decoration Ideas 2022

Here are 10 unique Diwali home decoration ideas that you can try this Diwali.

1. Diwali Diyas for Unique Diwali home decoration Ideas 2022

When it comes to Diwali decoration ideas for the home, Diwali Diya decorations play the most crucial part. They are one of the most classic things for home decorating, and this festival of lights would be incomplete without Diwali Diya décor at home. It is common to light Diyas of various colors during Diwali. Some Diyas are painted inside and out to make them more appealing. Also, the oil helps the Diyas in burning and generates a great vibe.


2. Candle Stand Diwali Decoration for Your Home

If you use candles for Diwali decorations, you can also use candle stands for home decor and to perform Aarti at home. There is a variety of candle stands available in the market during the period of Diwali. The demand for candle stands rises to give you a touch of the festival.

Note- Use candle stands made of Brass. Do not use Candle stands made of plastic or any other material for your home decoration.


3. Lanterns Are Also a Unique Diwali Decoration Idea

You can add lanterns to the list for a unique Diwali decoration idea. Lanterns are the best option for your home decoration on the auspicious day of Diwali. Lanterns are made of paper and also can be of any color you want, you can make them by yourself easily however, you can buy them from the market for decoration purposes. Make your home bright with lights and joy by using this as your Diwali decorating idea.


4. Flower Decoration Idea for Diwali

Surely there are dozens of various flowers from which you can effortlessly decorate your entire property. Flowers are also significant as candles and Diyas for your home decoration. The fragrance spreads with flowers throughout your whole house will make your house atmosphere smells heavenly and obviously, add a touch of decoration to your house.


5. Unique Rangoli for Diwali Home Decoration

Without a doubt, Rangoli plays a unique role in home decoration and the house entryway. This Diwali, show your art with a unique decoration of Rangoli with a combination of powder colors and flowers. Also, Rangolis are considered a sign of positivity on the occasion of Diwali


6. Use Colorful Jars and Wine Bottles – Unique Diwali Decoration Idea 2022

There has been a new trend of utilizing wine bottles and jars. Small Diwali lights are placed inside the glass jars and bottles so that the lights can be visible from the outside. Indeed, you may utilize this concept to create a one-of-a-kind Diwali décor outside your home by hanging the bottles and jars or keeping them on tables.


7. Paint your whole house – Unique Diwali Decoration Idea 2022

Painting your entire house is one of the best things you can do before Diwali. Use the most vibrant and tropical colors possible. Thus, these colors are appealing and may easily create a lively atmosphere. Also, you can try unique combinations with the best use of white and other light wall paint colors.


8. Dream Catchers is the Unique Diwali Decoration Idea

Dream catchers can be a unique Diwali decoration idea in the year 2022. The feathers within the dream catchers are colorful and look very beautiful when placed on the walls of the hallway or bedroom. You can hang the dream catchers using various color combinations with walls and feathers, which will serve as a wonderful Diwali decoration and enhance the beauty of the entire house on Diwali.


9. Unique Diwali Decoration Idea with String Lights

How about your roof or garden decorated with well-lit and beautiful string lights? Particularly in India, Diwali is the best festival to play with the string lights in many different ways. Decorate your room, roof, garden, or backyard with beautiful layers of string lights. Use curtains, cushions, colorful chairs, or a sofa and make a cozy environment. Also, add fresh flowers and aroma candles, and place some lanterns to create an ambient where you can share memorable moments with your family and friends.


10. Add Water Bowl with Aroma Candles to Your Dining Table

A water bowl with aroma candles on your dining table suits best for celebrating any festival. You can use water bowls and aroma candles on your dining table not only for decoration purposes but also for creating a positive atmosphere and making your mood happy when you like to have dinner with your family or friends. Also, play music on low volume to get into the feel of Diwali


Vastu Tips for Diyas on Diwali

  • Be careful and do not light the Diyas facing south as this is said to be unlucky.
  • On Diwali, use pure desi ghee to light Diyas. Lighting Diyas with pure ghee brings wealth into your home.
  • Avoid sunflower oil to light up Diyas.
  • Place the first Diya in the puja room.
  • Place Diyas at both sides of the welcome door to invite prosperity.

Diwali Pujan 2022

From Dhanteras to Bhaiya Dooj, there are five days of celebrations during the auspicious days of Diwali. On the holy day of Diwali, Lakshmi Pujan is carried out in the evening and in every Indian home.


On the auspicious day of Diwali, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped. According to the Veda and Puranas, Goddess Lakshmi visits each home on Earth. So, proper cleaning and decorations of the house are required at this time to honor the Goddess Lakshmi and obtain her blessings. The following rituals should conduct during Diwali puja:

1. In 2022, Diwali and Lakshmi puja will be on October 24

2. Diwali cleaning is essential, especially if you do Diwali pooja. You must carefully clean your home and apply Gangajal(holy water from the Ganges River) everywhere in the house. You may also use clay lamps, candles, string lights, and Rangoli to decorate your home.

3. Cover a table or stool in your puja or living room with a red cotton cloth. Put a few grains in the center of the platform.

4. Place the silver or bronze Kalash, 75% full of water, in the center of the grains. To the Kalash, add one supari (betel nut), one marigold flower, a coin, and some rice grains. On the Kalash, arrange five mango leaves in a circle.

5. Place the Lord Ganesha statue or photo on the right side of the Kalash, facing southwest, and the Goddess Lakshmi statue or photograph in the center. Make a little flat mountain of rice on a small thali, draw a lotus blossom with Haldi on it, and place it in front of the idol.

6. Place your accounting book and other money and business-related materials in front of the idol.

7. Apply tilak, offer flowers, and light a Diya in front of the god statues.

8. For prayer, place a flower on your hand and close your eyes while reciting the puja Mantra.

9. Make a prayer position with your hands and recite the Diwali puja mantra. After praying, deliver the flower in your palm to Ganesha and Lakshmi.

10. Take a Lakshmi statue and serve it panchamrita as a water bath. Rewash it with water, dry it with a clean cloth, and replace it with the Kalash.

11. Give the deity food, kumkum, and haldi, as a garland. In front of the idol, light incense sticks, and dhoop.

12. Offer a coconut, supari, and paan leaf to the god. Give the goddess food and snacks, and set a bouquet and some money in front of the idol.

13. Perform the Lakshmi aarti, bring a thali with a Diya, and ring the puja bell. You may now participate in Holi events, such as distributing and donating food, sweets, and prasad.

Diwali Pujan Muhurat

According to the Hindu calendar, Chaturdashi Tithi will finish on October 24 at 5:28 p.m., and Amavasya Tithi will start on the same day and remain till 4:19 p.m. Lakshmi puja will be performed on October 24 at 6.54 p.m. until 8:18 p.m., lasting 1 hour and 24 minutes.

Dos and Don’ts during Diwali Puja Muhurat

Here are few things to remember about what you should and should not do during the Diwali festival:


  • Replace the old main door or install a new one.
  • Make sure the goddess Lakshmi’s footsteps point inwards.
  • Clean the deities’ statues and portraits with fresh cloth.


  • Check to see whether the main door makes any squeaky noises.
  • Place symbols such as Om and Swastika, as well as rangoli designs, on the west or south walls.
  • Don’t give antiques to your relatives and friends.
  • Make no rangoli with images of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganesha on the threshold.

Are you ready to put our Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas into action?

We hope you found our collection of Unique Diwali decoration ideas helpful. You can pick one of these concepts, combine two or three, or give them a fresh spin based on your preferences. This Diwali, wow your visitors with never-before-seen decorations. Give guests a cause to return, not just for the treats but also to snap Instagram-worthy photos of your unique decorations.

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5 Vastu Shastra Tips For Your New Home In 2022

Vastu Shastra Tips For Your New Home In 2022. Builders have a tough time ensuring that the houses they create are Vastu compatible or not. If you believe in Vastu and intend to buy a new house also, you must follow fundamental Vastu principles for your new home. Further, Vastu recommends the proper color, format, shape, and directions to promote happiness and positivity in every part of your home.

A house must have specific energy to become a home, and according to Vastu: individuals living in a house should be influenced by that energy. Hence, it is critical to comprehend the relationship between positive energy in the home and Vastu.

1. Vastu Shastra Tips For The Entryway To Your New Home

According to Vastu, the entryway to your new home is intended not only for people but also for energy. Through the main door, energies flow in and out. However, according to Vastu shastra, the best directions for the main entrance are north, east, or northeast. Make sure to examine this before purchasing a new property. If you buy a ready-made house, you can modify the direction of the entry.


Tips to follow while planning your homes entryway:

  • To design the entryway, use high-quality wood.
  • Install no fountains or water-themed decorations outside the main entrance.
  • Avoid putting a shoe rack or a trash bin outside the door.
  • Avoid constructing a restroom near the main entrance.
  • Do not paint black color at the main entrance.
  • The entryway must be clean and beautiful.
  • The door should open clockwise.
  • Place no sculptures or figures of animals close to the entry gate.

2. Vastu Shastra Tips for Living Room

A home that has the most activity during the day is the living room. The living room serves as a social gathering place for the family, where everyone gets to gather to catch up with each other. After a long day at work, you relax here as well. You may also have your guests over here for entertainment. Besides, all of these factors elevate your living room to a crucial location.

Vastu-Tips-for-Living Room

Tips to follow for the living room:

  • The living room of your new home must be in the east, north, or northeast direction, as per Vastu Shastra.
  • Place the electrical items in the west or north corners of the room. Also, the TV should be in the southeast corner.
  • If there is a mirror in the living room then, it needs to be placed on the north wall of the living room.
  • If you want to add a chandelier to your living room, position it in the center of the room but quite to the west.

3. Vastu Shastra Tips for Bedroom

The head of the bed should be facing the west direction, and it should be in the Southwest corner of the room. Bedrooms should face Southwest for excellent health and keep a happy relationship. While a bedroom facing southeast might result in arguments and conflicts between couples, the northeast orientation is unhealthy.


Tips to follow for Bedroom:

  • Never put a mirror or TV in front of your bed. The reason is that viewing the reflection while in bed might lead to household disturbances and arguments.
  • Paint the bedroom walls in neutral or earthy tones since they provide a relaxing atmosphere. Avoid painting the walls dark or black color.
  • Never put the temple in the bedroom.

4. Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen

A kitchen should be built in the southeast corner, according to Vastu shastra. If that is not an option, you might choose the northwest direction for your new home. The person in the kitchen who is cooking must face east while cooking. It should not be built in the north, northeast, or southwest corners of the house. Because water and fire are opposite elements, wash basins, water pipelines, and kitchen drains are oriented north or northeast.


Tips to follow for Kitchen:

  • The majority of kitchen appliances symbolize the fire element – the gas stove, microwave oven, toaster, and food processor should all be placed in the southeast corner of your home.
  • Set your refrigerator facing southwest direction.
  • Keep all the cooking supplies or stock in the southwest direction.

5. Vastu Shastra Tips for Bathroom and Toilet

According to Vastu shastra, designing your bathroom and toilet is just as important as designing any other room in your new house. According to Vastu, your bathroom should be placed in the north or northwest direction, and while building the bathroom, you must avoid the south, southeast, or southwest direction of your new house. Note that never place your bathroom next to the kitchen or the puja room.

Tips to follow for Bathroom and Toilet:

  • The entry door to the toilet should be on the northern or eastern wall.
  • The toilet seat should be placed northwest or southeast. The toilet seat should be placed so that the person faces either west or east when sitting.
  • The bathroom pipeline output should be directed in the east or north.
  • For your bathroom or toilet, always go for a wooden door. Choosing a metal may draw negative energies.

Vastu Shastra guidelines for a happy lifestyle

  • Do not keep your possessions in your new house before the Griha Pravesh puja ritual. According to Vastu, everything must be placed only after the Griha Pravesh puja ritual is completed.
  • Throw away any damaged objects. This is especially true with electronic trash, which is common in modern houses. These draw bad energy and have a bad influence on your health.
  • To attract peace and serenity, include water components such as a fountain or an aquarium. Also, add greenery in your house which is the most effective technique to attract positive energy. If you don’t have a separate lawn or courtyard, you can make a house garden on your balcony.
  • Watering plants from the north direction ensures happiness. Also, watering plants from the east brings financial gains. That’s why the main drainage should be built towards the east or the north direction. Remember, Sewage water flow from the south or south-west direction of your house can have a negative impact.
  • Putting a calf-cow statue in your home is a surefire method to attract prosperity into your home. Bringing a statue of Kamdhenu, according to Vastu, is guaranteed to bring good luck. Put many Buddha sculptures to bring peace and good fortune into your home.

If you take all the above advice, you’ll see a change!

Final Thoughts

To live in a pleasant and energetic environment that fosters happiness, prosperity, and peace is the goal of moving into a new house. Make your home Vastu-compliant.

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Dussehra Home Decoration 2022- (Ideas, Puja and Muhurat)

Dussehra home decoration ideas. Dussehra is one of the most significant Hindu celebrations in the country. The event is observed in various ways throughout India and represents the triumph of good over evil. So it’s no surprise that families spend a lot of time thinking about Dussehra decorations. If you’ve begun planning, we’ve created a list of 10 fantastic decoration ideas, particularly for you.

These suggestions will make your home stand out in the neighborhood while keeping your family active and happy over the holiday season. You may also use these Dussehra decoration ideas based on your budget, topic, and preferences to celebrate the event in style.

10 Dussehra Home Decoration Ideas in 2022

1. Entrance of your Home:

The entrance to your home must be flawless because it will serve as the initial impression of your property. A very well-decorated Entrance is a welcome sign for the almighty to pour their blessing on the household. It is regarded particularly auspicious to decorate the entryway with symbols such as a Swastik, OM, Shubh Labh, or the feet of Lakshmi, the Goddess of great wealth and prosperity. Use fairy lights to illuminate the doors and halls with Dussehra board decorations. Deepaks or Diyas may also utilize in various ways to brighten the area around your home.

Entrance of your Home

2. Rangoli at the main door:

The entryway must be pleasant and active, especially on festive occasions. A Rangoli is considered fortunate when placed at the entrance doorway of a residence. You may also make your rangoli if you are an expert, or you can purchase ready-made rangolis to save time and avoid smudges. Furthermore plan different rangoli patterns for each day of the festival to make Dussehra decorating exciting and creative.

Rangoli at the main door

3. Flower Rangolis Decoration on Dussehra:

Instead of the traditional powder rangolis, you may make floral rangolis for Dussehra. Generally, flower rangolis are beautiful, and the Greatest part is that they make the entire house smell wonderful. Sprinkle little water on these petals to keep them fresh for a few days, then collect the dried petals and use them as fertilizer. If you value the environment, consider this zero-waste Dussehra decoration idea.

Flower Rangolis decoration on Dussehra

4. Torans for Dussehra Home Decoration Ideas:

To decorate your home’s entryway, you might also add toran made of beads, fabrics, or other materials. Eventually Torans are said to attract the goddess of wealth and power, Lakshmi. Certainly it is considered lucky to tie a toran at a gate to beautify the place and welcome visiting guests.

Torans for Dussehra Home Decoration Ideas

5. Add A Water Bowl of Flowers for Dussehra Home Decoration:

One of the simplest and trendiest methods to decorate a house for Dussehra 2022. Thus keep flowers in a water bowl. In the bowl, add marigold, jasmine, or rose petals coupled with scented light candles. Furthermore, this is a simple Dussehra decoration idea that requires simply a bowl, flowers, and candles.

Water Bowl of Flowers for Dussehra Home Decoration

6. Multicolor Accessories in Your Living Room:

Colorful accessories also make a significant impact on the overall look of the home. Accessories are the simplest way to transform any place into a merry haven. Because you can’t replace your couch set every year, freshen it up with new sofa covers. During Dussehra, you may choose from a Variety of patterns that complement the décor of your living room. Besides, a mix of decorative and elegant cushions in different widths, designs, and heights may make your House appealing and cozy. Also curtains with light and colorful color schemes may bring budget modifications to your House.

Multicolor Accessories in Your Living Room

7. Aroma Candles Decoration for Dussehra Decoration:

Brighten up your dining table, where the entire family will gather at the end of the day to share the delicious Navaratri feast. Indeed fill as many tall wine bottles, fill them all with flowers, lay the aroma candles on top, and place the final piece on the dining table. Lastly, the aroma candle will add more flavor and coziness to the complete festive environment.

Aroma candles decoration for the dinner table

8. Dussehra Home Decoration Ideas with Lights:

Lights are a lot of fun. There are also fairly inexpensive methods to brighten up the entire house and offer a sense of festivity and joy. You might consider the Dussehra celebration and decorating ideas using various types of lights. Additionally these lights are suitable for use on balconies and terraces, walkways, garden areas, and even the living room. When it comes to string lights, the possibilities are endless. Such lights can be used multiple times for all festivals and special events, which is also a benefit.

Dussehra Home Decoration Ideas with Lights

9. Dussehra Home Decoration Ideas With Paper Lanterns:

Paper lanterns are popular these days because they are bright, colorful, and simple to assemble. To make Dussehra evenings appear spectacular, also consider decorating your garden area or an open balcony with paper lanterns. These paper lanterns come in a variety of colors and styles. Despite choose your favorites and add candles or light bulbs as desired. This is one of the entertaining Dussehra decoration ideas for youngsters. Lastly, these lanterns are reusable and also packed and stored after the celebration.

This Dussehra Decoration With Home With Paper Lanterns

10. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to Your House:

You might also spend a lot of money decorating your home for Dussehra. However, if the interior and exterior paints are dull, the decorations will not look good. That is why you should think about repainting the house. Likewise, this will brighten the area and make any other decorations you pick for the property stand out. Make sure you select a color that differs from the original wall color. That would make an impact and bring new life to the house.

Fresh Coat of Paint to Your House

Dusshera Puja and Muhurat 2022

Dusshera, also known as Vijayadashami, Dashain, or Durgotsav. It is celebrated with great passion and reverence by Hindus across India on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Ashwin or Kartik.

The title Dusshera is made out of two words: Dus, which means “ten,” and Hara, which means “defeat,” representing Lord Rama’s brave beheading of the 10-headed Lankan king Ravana on Dashmi (the 10th lunar day of the Hindu calendar).

The celebration of Durga Puja, which honors Goddess Durga’s conflict with the buffalo monster Mahishasura to restore dharma, comes to an end on Vijayadashami.

On the same day, Arjuna beat Kuru soldiers, including Drona, Bhishma, Ashvatthama, Karna, and Kripacharya, claiming the defeat of adharma by dharma.

Alternatively, this day is regarded as auspicious for starting the process of learning, and Goddess Saraswati is worshipped as the Devi of wisdom.

As a result, the festival of Dusshera or Vijayadashami is dedicated to celebrating Lord Rama and Goddess Durga’s victory over evil and the return of the Pandavas to their empire. Dusshera is observed with grace and devotion by family, friends, and relatives across India.

Dussehra Puja method and importance

On the day of Dussehra, take a bath early in the morning and wear clean clothes. Worship Lord Shri Ram, Mata Sita, and Hanuman Ji after that. In Various places in India, cow dung is used to make 10 Balls. On this day, the barley (जौ) seeds are placed on these balls. After this, worship the Lord by showing incense and lamps and burning these balls. It is considered like Ravana’s ten heads. These balls are a symbol of ego, greed, and anger. These shells are burned in the hope of destroying these evils from inside of us.

Importance of Dussehra Puja

Goddess Durga and Lord Shri Ram are worshiped on the day of Vijayadashami (Dussehra). On the one hand, where Maa Durga is a symbol of power, Lord Ram is a symbol of dignity, dharma, and the ideal personality. Power, dignity, religion, and values are having special importance in life. A person who has these qualities becomes successful. That is why Dussehra Puja must be performed.

Darshan of Neelkanth is auspicious.

The Neelkanth bird is considered Lord Shiva’s representative in Hinduism. Seeing Neelkanth and asking for favorable outcomes from Lord Shiva on Dussehra gives luck, money, and happiness in life.

Dussehra Puja Muhurat 2022

Vijay Muhurat02:07 PM to 02:54 PM00 Hours 47 Mins
Bengal Vijayadashami October 5, 2022Full day
Aparahna Puja Time01:20 PM to 03:41 PM02 Hours 21 Mins
Dashami Tithi Begins and endsOctober 04, 2022-October 05, 202202:20 PM-12:00 PM 
Shravana Nakshatra Begins-Shravana Nakshatra EndsOctober 5, 202210:51 PM- 09:15 PM

Dussehra: The Best Day to Buy or Invest in a Property

As the festive season approaches, Traditional Indian households anticipate making new purchases for special events. Festivals such as Dussehra and Diwali are Important for people to make large purchases such as real estate, electronics, automobiles, and jewelry during festivals. Indians consider this time to be auspicious. According to the Hindu calendar, the month of Ashvin is the best time to enhance long-term investments, and hence the best time to acquire property.

There are the following reasons to Buy or invest in a Property

– A long-term purchase on this day indicates an increase in prosperity.

– On this day, new projects and properties are introduced.

– Special offers are made to lure buyers of real estate.

– Real estate is a profitable and valuable investment that promotes growth and wealth.

So, if you’re looking for budget houses around Uttam Nagar, Delhi, visit for the most up-to-date information on all real estate news, developments, Flats, and apartments for sale in Delhi. Every year the real estate market is excellent during Dussehra as buyers hunt for the best real estate festive offers to kick off the festive season. Celebrate the best season of the year to buy a home and join the community with Arorabuilder’s wonderful selection of real estate flats and apartments!

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Buy Property in Navratri 2022

Buy Property in Navratri 2022. Navratri is a nine-day festival of divine power dedicated to the incarnations of the deity Durga. There has never been a more favorable moment to purchase a property. Buying a property in Navratri is common among Indians. Purchase of real estate during Navratri is regarded as very auspicious and provides better value for money. This article will go through the benefits of purchasing property during Navratri.

What exactly is Navratri?

Navratri is a Sanskrit word that means “Nine Nights.” It is associated with a great fight between the Demon ‘Mahishasura’ and the idol Devi ‘Durga.’ It refers to the Hindu celebration that honors Maa Durga and her nine incarnations. According to the Hindu auspicious calendar, these are excellent periods to start or buy anything. Navratri is a time of abundance and calm, according to astrology.

There are 6 Reasons to Buy a Property in Navratri 2022

1. Property Discounts During Navratri

Buying a property in Durga Puja gets easier during this festival since banks provide multiple discounts on Assets. They make a variety of offerings to attract potential investors and build long-term partnerships. However, these suggestions and Discounts are only available for a limited time. So, whether you’re buying a single item or investing in real estate. Move quickly to take advantage of these discounts and offers.

2. EMI deduction

Some banks will waive a limited number of mortgage loan EMIs. A decrease in EMIs will result in a reduction in the loan balance. For example, if HDFC Bank approves six EMIs, you would pay six EMIs less. However, the EMI deduction months are chosen by each bank. You might, however, pay off the debt before the period finishes.

3. Navratri 2022 real estate purchases that are secure

It is, widely believed that purchasing a property during Navratri boosts its prospects of appreciation and profit in the future. Furthermore, real estate is one of the most secure investment options. RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) provides an additional degree of protection for homebuyers and investors.

4. Navratri 2022 marks the beginning of new project launches

Many new real estate developments start appearing during the Navratri festival. Because it is a lucky period, it encourages developers to start new projects and reach a wider audience. Furthermore, because the projects are fresh, they are offered at low pricing, which benefits you, the customer, even more.

5. Option for Flexible Payment

Developers are giving various payment options for Navratri 2022. Flexible pay is a payment system in which a buyer can pay in different ratios like 30:60 or 50:50. Only 30 to 40% of the whole sum can be paid during the reservation procedure, with the remaining 60 to 70% due during the possession time.

6. Freebies for Navratri 2022 from the Developer

Developers also give out a lot of freebies during Navratri, including TVs, air conditioners, and parking spaces. Such promotions are only available during the festival season.

Also Read: Dussehra Home Decoration 2022- (Ideas, Puja and Muhurat)

Vastu Advice for Buying Property in Navratri

  • When buying a ready-to-move-in house during Navratri, the best time to purchase real estate, make sure the entrance faces northeast.
  • The southwest and southern zones of the home must be renovated.
  • The topography of the real estate must be where southwest quadrant properties are greater than those in the other quadrants. The northeast and north quadrants must also be lowered.
  • The main bedroom should be faced to the southwest.
  • The puja room should be facing north, east, or northeast.
  • The kitchen should be in the southeast.
  • The living room or guest room must be located northwest of the house.
  • If you intend to create a basement floor or a house with an existing basement, it should be built beneath the structure. Furthermore, it must be designed to be erected to the north or northeast.
  • Buy a house during Durga puja and keep it clean and well-maintained to attract positive energy.

Purchase or registration dates for real estate from September to October 2022

The Navratri celebration will begin on September 26th and finish on October 5th this year. In addition to 9 days of Navratri, a list of other favorable dates for buying property in Navratri is available for the next months.

September Tithi
29thChaturthi and  Panchami
30thPanchami and Shashthi
14thPanchami and  Shashthi
20thDashami and  Ekadashi
21stEkadashi and Dwadashi
27thDwitiya and Tritiya

Final Thoughts

Purchasing property during Navratri is a wise decision. You may take advantage of excellent bargains and choose from a wide range of options. The golden timeframe also allows you to negotiate with the house worth to keep inside your budget.

I hope you all like Buy Property in Navratri 2022 Blog

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